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Reviewed by Fresno's Kings River Life!

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Tolerance?! Review by Terrance McArthur

In engineering, tolerance is how far you can get from the goal without having everything fall apart. In Kathleen Denny’s Rogue show at the Revue, Tolerance?! is how much you’re willing to take before you have to take a stand.

Kathleen was an airplane machinist in the 1970s, a woman in a man’s building, breaking new ground, a second generation of Rosie the Riveter, and she faced a problem–a pin-up calendar that left nothing to the imagination. Could she put up with it? Should she put up with it? Would it cost her more to fight than the price of letting things slide?

She slowly builds her world, character by character, each in their own location on the stage, creating an environment that veers from unhealthy to toxic. People that should be on her side aren’t, what she thinks is right is perceived as being stubborn, and yet support comes in unexpected passages.

It’s a story of the strength that comes from within, and Kathleen Denny has that strength.

Tolerance?! tickets are $12, and it plays at The Revue, 620 E. Olive Ave., March 2 at 3:30pm, March 3 at 5pm, March 8 at 7pm, and March 9 at 5pm.


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