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What the critics said about 
Kathleen Denny's previous show
Nice Is Not What We Do

"Her storytelling skills pull an audience into her slightly tilting world."


Dolores Fisher at NOTESONG, San Diego 

“Will leave you grateful ... profound.”

 The Watermark

 Central Florida’s LGBT daily newspaper

“Tells her tale with conviction.”

 Orlando Sentinel

Winnipeg Free Press

Readers say

The rule is, you don’t speak ill of the dead, but Oakland, Calif., storyteller Kathleen Denny does speak the truth as she rewinds a family funeral that brings six adult siblings back to their childhood home in Milwaukee.

Funny, a wee bit poignant and entirely honest, it’s a nice spin on a universal tale.

One of two siblings asked to pen eulogies for their father, Kathleen struggles to find words to describe the man she knew, and realizes he was quite a different man from the one her brothers and sisters knew.

“It’s like every child grows up in a different family,” she says.

That Rashomon effect becomes even more apparent at the funeral, as friends and acquaintances weigh in with perspectives that are as surprising as they are illuminating. Life’s like that. Death too.

Pat St. Germain 

July 13, 2015

Performance at St. Scholastica Monastery, Duluth, MN



2015 San Francisco Fringe Festival

"So, so, so good! And funny!" My mom

Maureen (Boulder)

Excellent - Five Stars

"Wow! Funny, articulate, and made me feel like I’m not alone. Her family’s trials and tribulations are very relatable. Loved it."

Shannon P (Boulder)
Excellent - 5 stars
"Highly recommend seeing! A great story that will touch you and make you laugh. If you have ever been a part of a family, you will be able to relate. Spend an hour and you will want to hear more."

Thomas Christopher (Boulder) 
Very good - Four Stars
"I recommend it highly: well performed, well written. She’s well worth spending an hour with."

"Very enjoyable,insightful and funny performance. Kathleen helps me be more honest altogether." 

Nicole, San Francisco

"Love the way this show captures the Midwestern community, “Where I come from, people bring food.” And the totally contradictory views of her father. Funny and touching as she tries to come to terms with all the different things her father was."

Sharon, San Francisco

Performance at St. Scholastica Monastery, Duluth, MN

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